MAVI Project : Vegetal Animated and Interactive Mural

The MAVI project is a software that can draw a vegetal mural in augmented and fragmented reality, with an innovative technology based on machine learning. This software generates a scenery drawing from a picture and brings it to life, while offering interactivity to the user. 


With our augmented reality smart camera app, you can for instance take a picture of a tree or a scenery, before it transforming into an illustrated drawing on a multimedia platform (smartphone, tablet) and coming alive. The landscape is then alive and animated, the nature elements movements are represented, the leaves of trees are moving, the water of a lake flows, the wind blows, the fauna and flora enliven, etc. The landscape is nonetheless moving but it enables you to travel through time and across seasons. Let yourself observe seasonal transformations and experience again this same summer scenery in autumn, then in winter. In addition to augmented reality comes fragmented reality™ : an exponential zoom. Travel in this landscape and plunge into the lake to go see the fishes, zoom into a flower to see the bees and insects. This meditative and fun interface makes you connect to nature, travel and have fun in a landscape you took a picture of, without having the opportunity before to see it through all its colors and details and through all its seasons.  


The MAVI platform enables the access to all these variations at a fixed time. It transforms an existing landscape into an animated illustration that allows us to go beyond the limits of our vision and of time. It also makes a living and timeless memory out of a journey.